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"I joined Flex September last year, taking part in their Summer Shred challenge and was shocked at my results in such a short time. Since then I have lost over 30kg and 15.9% body fat! I couldn't be more proud, confident and excited about what else I can achieve.

Flex is like no gym I have been to, the atmosphere that the trainers provide is one filled with laughter, encouragement, guidance and support. Each class there is a new opportunity to achieve something I didn't think was possible thanks to the support from the Flex community. 

Diet has always been something I have struggled with, however, the variety of the Flex challenge meal plans allowed me to progress with my weight loss goals, even after the challenge had ended. 

Simply put by many that train at Flex, it is a supportive family that encourages you to push your limits and achieve your goals. Flex is a gym for everyone, and I couldn't recommend Flex enough to anyone looking to start their health and fitness journey "


"i feel like i've actually gained a new life"

"I joined Flex wanting to lose weight, be able to pick up my kids, run around with them and to manage my lower back issues. In the past, I had tried many different forms of exercises, from Yoga to CrossFit and all of them ended up flaring up my back. But the trainers at Flex were always happy to offer regressions or alternative exercises...which I often needed in the early days! 

My fitness hasn't just improved, but my whole way of life has improved. When I started at Flex, I couldn't even do a burpee! I actually feel like I've gained a new life. 

The challenge meal plans were great, easy to mix and match. Initially it can be challenging but once you start to see results, it feels totally worth it. You don't have to cook anything fancy or too expensive, it's really economical. Even when I am not doing the challenge, I continue to eat the same breakfast and lunch and find it easy to stick to! 

I wouldn't be where I am today if I had not taken the risk and joined Flex, honestly it's the best thing I have ever done! You're part of a family and everyone wants to succeed. It just makes training so much easier!"

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"Before Flex I was floating from gym to gym, inconsistent, lacked guidance and support and didn't know what I was doing. I was always curious about group training but never believed I had the fitness for it. I finally gained the courage to sign up to Flex and it was the best decision I have ever made. I've now lost 25kg! 

The trainers were warm, welcoming and very knowledgeable - you could tell they're passionate about what they do. I felt comfortable right away, with the trainers by my side to correct my form and answer any questions I had. The classes are seriously addictive and I love the variety of strength and cardio classes they offer. 

I've completed 4 challenges consecutively now and really enjoyed the variety in the meal plans. I gained so much confidence as I started to see results rather quickly and never felt like I was missing out on anything. 

My biggest fear is falling back into my old lifestyle but after doing these challenges, my mindset has completely changed and I've managed to maintain my weight for over a year now! With the help of my PT James, I feel stronger and more confident every day. I've made so many amazing friends along the way who are like family to me now. 

I would recommend a Flex challenge to anyone as they cater to any fitness level. It'll teach you healthy habits that will stick, whilst training in a happy, friendly environment. I went from someone who was afraid to go to the gym to now really enjoying training every day! The sky is the limit, you just have to take the first step!" 


dropped 14% body fat & 15kg over 2 challenges

"After a couple of years of too much focus on work and not enough looking after myself, I was looking to get back in shape. I decided to join the Goal Getter challenge. 

For me the best way was planning my weekly shop to make sure I had everything on hand. I knew to stick to the meal plan I had to make the food good, so plenty of variety, herbs n spices and making that little extra effort so that I had food to look forward to. 

The format works well for me - 30 - 45mins sessions which give me a good workout and can then dedicate the rest of the day to family and work, Sessions are varied so over the week you get a good full body strength /cardio workout. Did I mention the positive vibes, friendly staff and the best gym DJ in town keeping the tunes fresh and mixed to suit each class! 

I was well on my way to regaining the fitness I wanted (which I achieved in the second challenge!) and found somewhere to train everyday. 

In a Flex challenge, you'll get the support, gym sessions and meal plans to help create a new cycle of healthy habits."




'training at flex gave me the best results of my life'

"Following recovery from an injury, I was ready to start training in a gym again and join a Flex challenge. I chose Flex due to the proximity to my house, the pricing was affordable and the variety of class times meant I could fit classes around work and family. 

The meal plans on the challenge were easy to follow and I managed to lose 6kg and gain more muscle than before my injury!

I love how short and sharp the workouts are, they fit so easily into my busy mum/work life. I can bring the kids, the trainers are great and I've met some lovely motivated people. And I love the music during the classes! 

I'd recommend a Flex challenge to anyone wanting an environment that supports your fitness and health goals. I'm not new to exercise, I've trained for marathons, exercised in many gyms for years. But hands down, Flex has given me the best results whilst maintaining balance in my life!"



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