With a high focus on correct technique and catered to all levels of ability, our strength based classes are designed to improve strength levels whilst increasing muscle mass and muscle tone. All our strength classes are broken up into training blocks, with each block of training focusing on specific compound exercises. Compound exercises work multiple muscle groups within the one movement and therefore give you the biggest bang for your buck. By focusing on specific exercises in each strength based session for a period of 4 weeks we are able to get the required amount of consistency to improve and get the full benefits of the movements.

Our strength training blocks will run for 12 weeks consisting of 3 seperate 4 week phases.


With our strength testing focusing on the big 3 lifts (bench press, squats and deadlifts) we have made the decision to include these lifts in all of our strong classes (bench press in strong upper body and squats and deadlifts in strong lower body). The following 4 week phases will apply to these lifts only.

4 Weeks: Accumulation Phase
10-12 Reps | 60-70% of 1RM (1 Rep Max) 

4 Weeks: Intensification Phase 
6-8 Reps | 75 -85% of 1RM

4 Weeks: Realisation Phase 
3-5 Reps | 85-95% of 1RM
This 4 week phase will include a deload week in week 3. 

Strength testing will be conducted in class in the final week of the 12 week training block. 

Of course there is no requirement to track your weights in these classes.

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Short, sharp and intense! 30 minutes of high intensity interval training with a focus on one word... INTENSITY! Be prepared for a fat shredding, heart pounding, sweat inducing workout designed to achieve maximal results in minimal time. With no set format, be prepared for a few surprises and challenges along the way!

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A 45 minute low-impact, high-intensity full body cardio class focusing on improving cardiovascular fitness and endurance. With no set format you can be sure this one will offer a few surprises, and you can be sure they will challenge you!

Toned Upper_Lower
Lean Express


A 15 minute self paced AB BURNER! Trainers will assist you with technique whilst pushing you through the pain!

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Give yourself 30 minutes to wind down after a big week of training, stretch out any tight muscles and foam roll/trigger any knots. This class is is the perfect opportunity to improve your flexibility, which in turn will improve your ability to lift heavier.

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