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35 Specialised strength + conditioning classes a week

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BUILD your muscle and strength in this full body resistance session.


Utilising a combination of compound and isolation exercises performed in the mid-high rep range, BUILD offers the perfect balance to help you both look and feel strong.

Duration: 45 Minutes


Burn fat, incinerate calories and build your work capacity in this 45 minute metabolic conditioning session that combines high intensity cardio with full body strength movements designed to set your metabolism on fire!

Brace yourself for a fast paced, high intensity, fun filled session that will push your boundaries and have your leaving on a high each and every time!

Duration: 45 Minutes


Build lean muscle, shape, tone and strengthen your body in this full body strength session. Focusing on both isolation and compound exercises in combination with higher rep ranges and shorter rest periods, TONED is perfect for those wanting to look better, get stronger and get a sweat on all at the same time

Duration: 45 Minutes


STRONG is a full body resistance training session with the ultimate goal of strength progression. STRONG sessions are designed using the principle of progressive overload along with big compound movements, lower reps and more rest to increase the weight you can lift.

Duration: 45 Minutes


Improve strength, fitness and performance in this session combining aspects of metabolic conditioning and functional strength movements. An awesome all rounder session, FUNCTIONAL will be sure to optimize your performance inside and outside of the gym.

Duration: 45 Minutes


Kick your weekend off with a bang and come prepared for a bit of anything and everything in this 45 minute mix of strength and conditioning. With no set format, you can be sure this one will offer a few surprises, and you can be sure they will challenge you!

Duration: 45 Minutes



We require all clients to book in for classes. This can be done in Member Portal or by downloading the Flex Fitness Australia App. 


All members have access to our strength tracking app and software. 

Easily see PBs you have hit

Track your weights.

See your workout ahead of time. 

Monitor your progress over time

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