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An Infrared Sauna is a type of sauna which uses light to make heat. Instead of a regular sauna, which uses heat to warm the air, an infrared sauna warms the body directly. This type of sauna is an excellent choice for people who can't stand the heat from a sauna, as it provides the same benefits, at a lower temperature. The Infrared light waves penetrate the facial and muscular tissue, helping the body rid the toxins stored in the deeper layers.


Infrared saunas offer many benefits; including detoxification, maintaining blood pressure levels, muscle recovery, pain relief, improved mood, decreased fatigue, weight loss, improved metabolism, and a boosted immune system. 


Our immune systems are up against many toxins - pollution, pesticides, GMOs and PCBs in plastics which, combined with a poor diet, weaken the immune system. Infrared Saunas work to increase detoxification & lower the levels of toxins circulating in the body. 

Infrared Saunas also dilate the blood vessels and effectively increase circulation in the body. The body is purified and waste products removed, delivering more nutrients and oxygen to the skin. 


Infrared Saunas also have the remarkable ability to speed up wound healing process. The infrared light increases tissue growth and cell regeneration due to cells readily accepting infrared light. The heat also increases blood flow to help reduce tension in joints and relieve sore muscles. 

Studies have shown sitting in a sauna for as little as 15 mins a day for 5 days, results in improved mood and lowered anxiety, depression and stress levels.


Did you know sitting in a sauna can be effective for weight loss? The increased in heart rate and body temperature subsequent causes the body to burn more calories in order to cool itself. 

Infrared Saunas increase your heart rate, blood flow, and improve blood pressure. Studies have proven Infrared saunas reduce the risk of sudden cardiac death, coronary heart disease, and cardiovascular disease .


Participants in the study were also found to have improved quality of sleep. Heat treatment speeds up the blood flow and penetrates the body at a cellular level, reducing the burden on your liver and kidneys and freeing up that energy for you! Sweating causes the brain to release endorphins, giving you a boost during the day. 


Spend 45 mins of your day winding down and switching off with some self-care time! Connect to the bluetooth surround sound system to listen to a podcast, play your favourite relaxing music or simply have some peace and quiet!

  • Towels

  • Water (feel free to bring your own water bottle)

  • Shower Facilities

  • Bluetooth Connectivity to Sauna

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