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mEAL PLans

If you have not received your challenge meal plan, please email us at


Guidelines (1).png


Guidelines (2).png

Your guidelines will change depending on your meal plan, so make sure you read these carefully. 

All your breakfast options are set out for you, this includes the ingredients and the amount you can have. You can pick any breakfast you like off your list. 


Carb LunchDinner.png
150g Protein LunchDinner.png
Normal FatsVeg.png

For your lunch and dinner you have a meal builder to create your own meals. Pick one ONE option from each list. (unless otherwise specified in your guidelines)


1600+ Sustain Snacks.png


Condiments, Sauces & Flavourings.png

You have lists that contain snack and treat options. Please ensure you follow your guidelines on what you can have for these. 

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