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Your Flex Foodie Guide is your food bible for the next 4 weeks. A range of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks. Your Flex Foodie Guide also has a heap of tips and tricks to help you along the way.

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During the 4 weeks, you will be required to follow the meal plan you've been given. Alongside the meal plan foods, you can also include the foods included on the allowed foods list. 

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  • Can I eat my meals in any order?
    Breakfast should always be eaten at the start of the day. You can swap your snacks around and swap your lunch and dinner around.
  • Can I eat the same day over and over?
    Yes, if you have a day that you enjoy you can eat the same day as much as you like.
  • I don't use Muscle Nation or VPA products, can I use a different one?
    The meal plans have been worked out using these particular brands. If you have another brand you would like to use feel free to send us the nutritional info and we can check it for you.
  • Can I have my snacks at any time of day?
    Yes, ideally you want to space your meals and snacks out evenly across the day. If you need to have them closer together or further apart to work with your schedule that’s fine.
  • The Recipe E-book has different amounts of food to my meal plan, which do I follow?
    Always stick to the foods/amounts listed in your meal plan. We obviously cannot write a recipe that suits every single meal plan.
  • I have seen other challengers with different foods, can I have these as well?
    Some people will have different foods depending on their specific requirements. Please stick to exactly what is on your meal plan.
  • When should I be having the recommended supplements on my meal plan?
    Greens Powder: You can take this anytime during the day. L-Carnitine: recommend adding to your greens or aminos. (preferably in the morning) L-Glutamine: Recommend adding to your greens or aminos. BCAA/Aminos: Anytime throughout the day. These are a great way to flavour your water. You can also sip this throughout your workout. Protein Water/WPI: As outlined in your meal plan.
  • Can I have McDonalds for my weekly cheat meal?
    Short answer is no! The cheat meal is not about having the greasiest food you can think of. It is about having a meal that is not on your meal plan. This is your chance to have a home cooked meal, or a meal in a restaurant. Think a delicious wood fired pizza, home made pasta or maybe a Thai curry!
  • I don’t like an ingredient on my meal plan, what should I do?
    You do not have to do all the days on your meal. You can pick one, two or three of the days to use. If you really want to include a day that has something you do not like, please let us know and we will try to accommodate your needs.
  • Can I save an ingredient from one meal and move it to another meal?


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