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What is the best way to try some classes and see if Flex is for me?

The best way to experience Flex is to book in for a 3 DAY FREE TRIAL. A free trial will give you unlimited access to every class for 3 days, and ensure you experience everything Flex has to offer.

Can I bring my kids along to classes? 

Yes we provide our members with an unsupervised Kids Area. This area is within eyesight for parents to be able to keep an eye on their children whilst they train. It is the responsibility of the parent or guardian to assist their child if they become disruptive or distressed during this time. Due to current restrictions in place we ask our members to book their children in for all classes as we are only allowed a max of 10 children in the kids area. Children under the age of 1 do not need to be booked in for this service but are required to remain in their prams around the perimeter of the creche area.

Is there a minimum age to join Flex ?

The minimum age to join Flex is 16 years old. 

What style of training does Flex offer? 

Our training philosophy at Flex is based on our belief that the basics work best, and our training program is built around the simple but effective basics of weight training. Our facilities and equipment allow us to deliver on a large scale a unique style of training different from your average group training gym, a style centered around progressing on the major “compound” lifts, with fewer exercises to focus on and longer rest periods applied.​


Although weight training is key in our programming, conditioning also plays an extremely important role in our program. That’s why we include three conditioning sessions (Burn, Sprint & Endure).


Ranging from 20-45 mins, these conditioning sessions are self paced and we encourage everyone to work within their personal capabilities. 


Read more about our training here: 

How do I book in for classes? 

Once you have signed up for a free trial or as a member, you will be able to book in for classes. You can do this via the client portal, or the Flex Fitness Australia App (incl download link).

What do I need to bring to class? 

All you need to bring to class is a towel and water bottle.

The facilities at Flex include; bag racks, bathrooms, showers, a Sauna, and an icy cold drink fountain.

What facilities are available? 

I have an ongoing injury that prevents me from doing certain exercises. Can I still train at Flex?

Absolutely! Our trainers are extremely knowledgeable and can provide you with alternatives to any exercises! Just let them know before the class if you have any injuries!

How long are your classes?

Our classes range from 50-25 minutes, depending on which session you are completing. Our Endure and Flex classes run for 45-50 mins, Burn runs for 35-40 mins, and our Sprint class is a short, sharp 25 mins. 

Do I need to warm up before class?

We encourage everyone to arrive early and complete a warm up before the session begins.  A trainer guided warm up will be running on the t.v screen for you to follow along with. 

I’ve never trained in a gym, will I be too unfit?

No way! Our classes are suitable for every fitness level. You can choose your own weights and push yourself as much as you choose. Our experienced trainers understand how to work with individuals of all levels and will be right by your side to support you through.

Can I book the sauna if I am not a member?

Yep! We’ve opened up Sauna bookings for everyone! Sessions start from $32 for non-members. You can book your session here:

My friend trains at Flex, do you offer anything to friends/family to try the gym?

All referrals from Flex members can access a 2 Week Free Trial! Simply enter the discount code: FLEXFRIENDS during sign up to access this secret offer!

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