Frequently asked questions


How many times a week should I train?

We recommend a minimum of 4 sessions (not including ripped or abs) per week. However for best results you should be aiming for 6+ sessions per week and strive to train every day. Your meal plan calories will be based off you reaching at least 4 sessions per week, so if you are not reaching those sessions your results will be affected.

My muscles are really sore, what should I do?

If you are new to our training you are likely to be sore in your first couple of weeks. It is important that in these early weeks you do your best to push through the soreness. Training often allows your body to adapt quicker and the soreness will subside.

If I do a session in the afternoon can I do it again the next morning?

It depends on the session. If it is a hiit session (shred, ripped or lean express) then go for it! We do not recommend backing up the next day on weights based classes (strong and toned) as your muscles need time to recover from lifting weights.

What else can I do to help my results?

To get the most out of the 8 Week Challange we suggest gettig as active as possible. You can incorporate classes, personal training sessions, sport and fat burning walks.

What is an FBW (Fat Burning Walk?

Fat burning walks are usually done first thing in the morning, they should be done before you have started eating for the day. This should just be a 20 minute fast paced walk.

Meal Plans

What about coffee?

Coffee is allowed and encouraged on the 8 week challenge, however milk is not allowed. Milk adds unnecessary calories which will alter the effectiveness of your meal plan. We recommend drinking black coffee, If black coffee is not to your liking you can add a SMALL amount of unsweetened almond milk to your coffee. And NO SUGAR!

Can I have alcohol?

Alcohol is not permitted on the 8 week challenge.

Why is salmon not on the allowed foods list?

Salmon is a great protein source and loaded with healthy omega-3 fatty acids, however, due to its high fat content salmon is also much higher in calories than the protein sources we have provided in our allowed food list and should be avoided for the 8 week challenge.

Why avocado or macadamia oil instead of olive oil?

All oils have a smoke point, which is a heat they can be cooked at before they start to smoke. When an oil reaches this point it’s chemical composition is changed and it loses its health benefits. Avocado and macadamia oil have a higher smoke point than olive oil and are therefore recommended for cooking.

There isn’t much fruit on my meal plan, is there a reason for this?

Fruit contains a sugar called fructose. When consumed fructose is converted to glycogen and stored in the liver, however the liver can only store so much (80-100 grams), the rest will be stored as fat. To keep your fructose levels at a reasonable level we stick to 1-2 servings of fruit per day.

I’m having trouble eating something on my meal plan, what should I do?

If your struggling with something on your meal plan you should let us know so we can give you another option and ensure that your meal plan is the best fit for you. Your first point of contact should be your assigned mentor, also feel free to discuss with any trainers in the gym.

I’m finding it hard to get through all the food, I thought this was a weight loss diet?

For some people the meal plan may contain more food than they are used to, but remember there is a difference between lots of food and calorie dense food. The foods you are eating are high in nutrients but low in calories. Your calories are worked out specifically for your goals so you will not be over eating, and as your metabolism speeds up due to eating at regular intervals you will find your are hungry rather that full!

I’m finding that I’m feeling really hungry, what can I do about this?

Being a bit hungry during the challenge is normal (especially towards the end) however being very hungry all the time is not something we are striving for. If you are finding yourself very hungry then try upping your vegetable and water intake. If you are still hungry then let your mentor know as you may be burning more calories than anticipated and could need a different meal plan.

Can I really have unlimited vegetables/salad?

Yes! The veggies on your allowed food list are all low calorie and the health benefits outweigh they small amount of calories they contain.